Tube Tester Sales


The AT-1000 is a computer operated, self contained tube tester. The tester is fully solid state and has laboratory measurement accuracy of 1.5% on mutual conductance (Gm) tests.

The tester will operate in the stand alone mode or when connected to a micro computer. When operated by an external computer it provides a greater level of testing with operator control over many different tests. Please review the PDF files below to see the capabilities of the tester. This tester was designed primarily for the audio industry.

I am authorized to sell this tester by Chris of Amplitrex Audio products. You will receive all the same service and all the same information, support and materials that come with the tester.

Input Power:
105-120 VAC or 208-240V (specify when ordering) 50/60 Hz at 2 amperes maximum
Heater Supply:
1.0 to 12.6 VDC, regulated, at up to 3.5 amperes
Plate Supply:
90 to 500 VDC, regulated, at up to 160 mA (45 - 425V on special order)
Screen Supply:
90 to 500 VDC, regulated, at up to 160 mA (45 - 425V on special order)
Control Grid Supply:
-0.5 to -150 VDC, regulated
Heater-to-Cathode Leakage:
200 VDC, negative on heater relative to cathode, limited to 1 mA, maximum sensitivity is 1.0 uA
Small Signal Diode Test:
200 VDC, 1 uA to 1 mA fwd/reverse
Rectifier Tube Test:
550 VCT RMS (nominal) applied to tube plates. Load is approx. 120 mA peak, measures forward and reverse peak voltage drops for both sections.
Mutual Conductance Test:
0.05 mA/V to 50 mA/V (50 to 50,000 uMhos) with 1 kHz applied to control grid at 0.1 or 1.0V RMS
Shorts Test:
Tube is continually evaluated for shorts during the test sequence
Gas Test:
Detects effects of ionic gas current on grid circuit impedance
Tube Sockets:
4-pin, 5-pin and 6-pin ‘small base’, octal, and 7 and 9-pin miniature high quality NOS Micalex and ceramic sockets are provided. No Compactron sockets are present, but some Compactrons can be tested with an (optional) adapter.
Tube Life Test:
Using Reduced Heater Voltage (user-programmable)
User Interface:
5 menu navigation keys, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and ENTER along with a 4-line x 40-character backlit LCD display
Specified for operation at 0 to + 40 degrees C, fan cooled, thermostat protected
Included Accessories:
Power cord, a set of plate/grid cap connectors, user manual and data and upload files on CD ROM
Dimensions and Weight:
14.75" W x 12.25" D x 6.75" H 18.5 lbs
Designed to comply with UL/CSA standards. EMC tested for compliance under FCC and EC requirements

About the AT-1000 (PDF)
AT-1000 Manual (PDF)

AT-1000: No longer for sale