Tube Tester Repair Services


Involves only the adjustment of specified controls and/or components designed by the manufacturer for calibrating the tester, and brings it into calibration. Calibration does not include the replacement of any other components required to bring the unit into working condition so it can then be calibrated. I will only charge this calibration fee for testers that have had prior professional repair service and calibration within the last 3 years. 180 day limited warranty.

$75 Group 1 (all parts extra) see model list
$150 Group 2 (all parts extra) see model list


First all operational values are checked, values out of range are corrected. If a part needs to be replaced to bring the values into proper range it is replaced. All related circuit parts are checked as to actual values and the voltage/currents within the circuits. Controls are adjusted (calibrated) as required to bring the unit into proper calibration, and if the range of the control is to limited all related circuit parts are checked and appropriate parts are changed to allow for a better/proper adjustment range. Calibration parts (designed for actual calibration adjustments) are always checked to insure their within correct tolerance values and parts replaced to keep them well within their tolerance values.

All parts are checked and out of tolerance parts are replaced, problematic (known problem parts) are automatically replaced, all electrolytic capacitors and paper type capacitors are replaced. If a value is within correct range it is not replaced unless it is known to be a problematic part.

Any work required including parts replacement to make the unit test tubes correctly is performed as required.

Transformer and meter parameters are evaluated and the customer is informed if there is a problem or potential problem in these parts.

This refurbishing service/calibration comes with a 270 day limited service warranty.

See additional repair information.

$180 Group 1 (all parts extra) see model list
$190 Group 2 (all parts extra) see model list

Meter Repair (Limited)

Testing meter accuracy is part of the normal repair process. Meter cleaning and repair is not part of the normal repair and is an extra service by itself! Meters with open coil/armatures are not repairable. Generally meters that stick, or are out of calibration, or are slow in movement and have not been tampered with may be repairable. Meter repair is a separate labor charge. Meter repair to these old meters carries some risk! Some meters are in such poor condition internally that attempted repairs can render the meter unusable. Meter repair will only be attempted with the prior approval of the customer.

See "Meter Repair Policy" for more information.
Labor warranty has specific limitations, please see my full warranty policy

$130 Flat fee
$35 Meter repair estimates

Technical Support / Assistance

I provide technical support by email or phone to those with sufficient electronic technical knowledge and test equipment available to support the troubleshooting, evaluating and repair process.

Email Support:
10 day technical support: $120
(100 email maximum over 10 days)
30 day technical support: $185
(200 email maximum over 30 days)
Phone Support (No longer available):