Service Request Instructions

If you would like to have your tester serviced please follow these steps:

Please DO NOT send me anything before contacting me first. See this important information about everything you should know before sending your tester in.

1. Fill out this Service Request Form and send me an email to let me know you wish to send your tester in. Provide your shipping address and day time phone number.

2. Print out a copy of the form and include it with your tester.

3. Pack your tester in a box that is plenty strong to handle both the inbound and outbound shipping.

Note: Good packing will help to keep the tester safe and prevent damage during transit. The box should allow for about 2 inches of space all around the tester for padding. I recommend using styrofoam/sponge slabs or similar material when possible. Do not use packing peanuts as the only material; Heavy items can shift around inside the box when not packed tightly and end up sitting at the bottom without protection. Secure the power cord and any loose items inside the tester to prevent damage to the meters. Makes sure the tester panel is firmly secured to the case.

4. Ship your tester to:

Roger Kennedy
18340 Elgar Ave.
Torrance, CA 90504