SS-83 and SS-5Y3 Solid State Rectifier

I have produced an effective solid state replacement for the 83 mercury vapor rectifier tube (a hazardous waste item today) and the 5Y3 rectifier tube for use in Hickok tube testers. You can now replace either tube, or both with reliability and the knowledge that the operating values will be within the Hickok tolerances and your tester will meet all test performance requirements. Calibration drift is greatly reduced to component drift (much slower process) rather than tube drift, this means it will remain in calibration much longer. It is required to re-calibrate the tester after the installation. However it is also required to re-calibrate the tester whenever you replace either tube with a new tube as well. Good calibration practice with tubes would be yearly at minimum.
These devices are designed for use in Hickok tube testers only!

Read my technical article about these replacements

SS-83p: Plug-in version: $65.00
SS-5Y3p: Plug-in version: $65.00